Birthday Weekend

Ok, here it goes.  I’ve thought for many years about trying to keep a blog for friends and family to stay updated with our lives and I am finally attempting it!  I thought this weekend would be a great time to start as it was E’s 6th birthday party.  It was a very eventful weekend–Owen’s parents came into town on Friday afternoon and my parents were here as well enjoying their new condo (4 blocks from our house!)  They plan to be up in Denver part-time to spend more time with us (or more accurately, the kiddos 🙂  Anyway, we started the weekend off caravaning en masse to Claire’s at the mall to get E’s ears pierced.  She had the most witnessed ear piercing ever!  After that we had our annual tea party downtown and as we were walking out of the restaurant I ran into 2 students who were in my Music Appreciation class in Beijing, China!  We were all surprised and shocked.  These students are here studying economics at UCD.  We exchanged numbers and I hope to see them again soon.

Sunday was E’s party.  We hired Connie the magician who did a “bird and bunny show”.  She showed up with 3 live rabbits and a dove and incorporated them into her magic act.  E was the star of the show and the whole thing was fantastic.  Next came park playtime with hot dogs and cotton candy cupcakes.  How lucky are we to have all grandparents together for this special weekend??

The most viewed ear piercing ever!
Here we go!!
E says she “loves flu shots”–no joke. No fear of needles here. I think she likes to show up her sister who is terrified of needles…..
IMG_2878 Success! Sparkly blue stars. She has been cleaning them at least 4 times a day…..
Tea Time at House of Commons with cousins
Super yum. They made mine gluten free.
Connie doing her magic….
Shazamm the double chinned rabbit
Right after this a dove flew out of the paper!!!
After E got her face painted like a panda she enjoyed her cotton candy cupcake.
Big sis being a goofball.
you know what these are.